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George J Bain

 George John Bain was born Feb 29,1876. I have been unsuccessful so far in finding his birth record. I was unsure of where he was born until recently. I was told many things. The first version I was told about 20 years ago is that he came to Canada as a toddler from Ireland, landed in Griffintown (Montreal) and that there was  some sort of  Spanish connection. ( so far I haven't found one)

*Griffintown was the name given to the SW part of downtown Montreal. From the 1820s to 1960's it was mainly populated by Irish immigrants and their descendants. Fun fact. Also known as "The Griff, The area is said to be haunted. More info here.

One early census had him registered as being born in Ontario, his marriage record said Quebec. I always thought he might have been born on the ship?

The 1921 census says he was born in Quebec and seeing that is the most recent official document, I am going with Quebec.  I am currently search Griffintown birth records but they are not easy to read.

I have yet to find any info on his parents. The 1921 census says his father was born in Ireland and his mother was born in Quebec.

About 1902 he married Clara Barclay ( daughter of John Barclay and Ada Gosney or Gossney)

They had six children

John George Bain was born on 08 Sep 1905 in Toronto. He died on 11 Jan 1966. He married  Eleanor May Thornton  on 21 Apr 1925 in York, Ontario, Canada.
Mary Louise Bain was born on 06 Apr 1907 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died in 1961.
Eleanor Bain was born about 1921 in Toronto. She died in the 1970's in Toronto.
Melvin Bain was born about 1916 in Canada. He died on 01 Nov 1929 in York, Ontario, Canada.
Edward "spikey" Bain was born on 15 Feb 1919 in Toronto. He died on 29 Aug 1929 in Toronto (Climbed into a gas tank and was killed by fumes.).
Edna May Bain was born on 15 May 1909 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died on 27 Jan 1986. She married Ken Barrett

George Bain died in 1957 a week after his wife.

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