Friday, 3 January 2014

Elizabeth Tye

Elizabeth Tye

Mother of Eleanor Thornton Bain

Elizabeth Tye was born on 11 Jun 1874 in Toronto, Ontario.
 She was the sixth child of Charles Tye and Julia Higgs.

Walter Scott Thornton and Elizabeth Tye had the following children:

Robert Ernest Thornton was born on 02 Apr 1901 in York, Ontario, Canada.
Eleanor May Thornton was born on 13 Aug 1904 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died in 1971 in Toronto. 
Walter Tye Thornton was born on 15 Jun 1902 in Toronto.
Gladys Ellen Thornton was born on 02 Jan 1899 in York, Ontario, Canada, Toronto.

Elizabeth was killed by a taxi in Toronto on March 2,1938. She had early dementia and had gone missing after a walk. I believe the taxi driver was charged with manslaughter.

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