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Charles Tye

Charles Tye

Paternal Grandfather of Eleanor Thornton Bain

Charles Tye was born  Sept 1841 in Clerkenwell, London, England. He was the first child of William Tye and Ann Cummings. He had five siblings, John, Mary, Sarah Elizabeth, Thomas, and William. When he was 18, he married Julia Higgs,daughter of William Higgs and Ann Roe, on 23 Oct 1859 in St Mark, Myddelton Square in London

Charles was a brick-maker and with his wife and young children came to Canada in 1871. Settling in Toronto.

I have yet to find an official death record for Charles but found a newspaper reference to a brickmaker named Charles Tye in Toronto who was killed  by a train on Oct 10th 1885 . Julia remarried in '87 and was listed as a widow so I am pretty sure it is the same Charles.

Charles Tye and Julia Higgs had the following children:

Gertrude Tye was born in Feb 1877 in Toronto.

Ethel C. Tye was born on 18 Apr 1865 in England.. She married James W Hogg on 07 Oct 1884 in Toronto.

Emma Tye was born on 05 Dec 1881 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died in Apr 1967. She married Arthur Higgs on 30 Jun 1908.

Alice Emily Tye was born on 30 Jul 1867 in Camden, Middlesex, England. She died on 15 Jan 1938 in York.

Henry Tye was born in 1870 in England. He died on 08 Jun 1874 in York, Ontario, Canada.

Elizabeth Tye was born on 11 Jun 1874 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She died on 02 Mar 1938 . She married Walter Thornton on 11 Dec 1897 in York.

Amelia (Minnie) Tye was born in Mar 1863 in Camden Middlesex, England. She died on 13 Jul 1915 in York, Ontario, Canada. She married Richard BATCHELOR on 07 Mar 1888 in York, York, Ontario, Canada.
Helena Eleanor Ellen May Tye was born on 21 Aug 1884 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She married William Dowdell on 09 May 1912 in York, Ontario, Canada.

Frederick William Tye was born on 20 Jun 1876 in Toronto. He married Jennie Bennington DUNLOP on 13 Feb 1901 in York County, Ontario.

Adalaide Clara Tye was born on 05 Nov 1880 in Toronto.

Juliana Tye was born on 18 Sep 1861 in Brighton ENG. She married Frank CORRIGAN
 on 28 Feb 1887 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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