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Walter Scott Thornton

Walter Scott Thornton was born on January 15, 1878.   Son of Robert Martin Thornton and Ellen Smith. Walter Thornton Birth Certificate (1948 re-issue)  He married Elizabeth Tye , daughter of Charles Tye and Julia Higgs on Dec 11,1889 in Toronto. Walter Thornton Marriage Walter and Elizabeth had four children: Gladys Ellen, Walter Tye Thornton Eleanor May Thornton   Robert Ernest Thornton
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Elizabeth Tye

Elizabeth Tye Mother of Eleanor Thornton Bain Elizabeth Tye was born on 11 Jun 1874 in Toronto, Ontario.  She was the sixth child of Charles Tye and Julia Higgs. Walter Scott Thornton and Elizabeth Tye had the following children: Robert Ernest Thornton was born on 02 Apr 1901 in York, Ontario, Canada. Eleanor May Thornton was born on 13 Aug 1904 in York, Ontario, Canada.  Walter Tye Thornton was born on 15 Jun 1902 in Toronto. Gladys Ellen Thornton was born on 02 Jan 1899 in York, Ontario, Canada, Toronto. Elizabeth was killed by a taxi in Toronto on March 2,1938. She had early dementia and had gone missing after a walk. I believe the taxi driver was charged with manslaughter.


Welcome to my Thornton / Bain  Genealogy Blog. This blog mainly focuses on the ancestry and descendants of John Bain and Eleanor Thornton of Toronto  A list of the people in this blog can be found here.   I'm always adding new names and documents so check back often. If you are looking for information that you don't see here send me an email at  I haven't entered all of my research online yet and might have the info you are looking for. Please visit my personal blog on Dollhouse Miniatures and retro photography

Julia Higgs

Julia Higgs was born on February 18, 1841, in Holborn, Middlesex, England, Father :William,   Mother,:Ann, She married Charles Tye on October 23, 1859, at St Marks. They had 11 children. She died on November 1, 1929, at the age of 88, and is buried in Toronto, Ontario. Charles Tye and Julia Higgs had the following children: Gertrude Tye  was born in Feb 1877 in Toronto. Ethel C. Tye  was born on 18 Apr 1865 in England.. She married James W Hogg on 07 Oct 1884 in Toronto. Emma Tye  was born on 05 Dec 1881 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died in Apr 1967. She married Arthur Higgs on 30 Jun 1908. Alice Emily Tye  was born on 30 Jul 1867 in Camden, Middlesex, England. She died on 15 Jan 1938 in York. Henry Tye  was born in 1870 in England. He died on 08 Jun 1874 in York, Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth Tye   was born on 11 Jun 1874 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She died on 02 Mar 1938 . She married Walter Thornton on 11 Dec 1897 in York. Amelia (Minnie) Tye  was born in M

Clara Barclay

Clara was born on March 22, 1885 in Ontario She was the daughter of John Barclay and Ada Gosney  Clara married George Bain The couple had the following children John George Bain was born on 08 Sep 1905 in Toronto. He died on 11 Jan 1966. He married  Eleanor May Thornton on 21 Apr 1925 in York, Ontario, Canada. Mary Louise Bain was born on 06 Apr 1907 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died in 1961. Eleanor Bain was born about 1921 in Toronto. She died in the 1970's in Toronto. Melvin Bain was born about 1916 in Canada. He died on 01 Nov 1929 in York, Ontario, Canada. Edward "spikey" Bain was born on 15 Feb 1919 in Toronto. He died on 29 Aug 1929 in Toronto (Climbed into a gas tank and was killed by fumes.). Edna May Bain was born on 15 May 1909 in York, Ontario, Canada. She died on 27 Jan 1986. She married Ken Barrett Clara died June 26,1957 She is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Toronto

Grace Thornton

Grace Thornton was born on July 29, 1874, in York, Ontario, She is the daughter of Robert Martin Thornton And Ellen Smith. She married Thomas Shepard on September 8, 1890 in Toronto. The couple had two children Ellen Nellie Shepard was born July 24, 1891.  She married William Cain on June 24, 1907, in York, Ontario. They had three children: Thomas William born 1911, Grace Elizabeth 1912-1994, Verna Cain 1925-1996 L-Sgt James Shepard was born Sept 13,1893 in York Ontario. On May 23 1912 he married Lena McLeod.  The couple had three children: Thomas, Marjory and Lillian. He died on Sep. 1, 1918 in France. James was killed in action during an attack on Crow's Nest & Chateau Wood. He was in the 15th Battalion.

Ada Pauline Gosney

Ada Gosney (Gossney) was born March 9,1862 in Horbury, Yorkshire, England She was the daughter of William Gossney and Anna Early On November 9,1883 she married John Charles Barclay so of Alexander Barclay and Elizabeth ? John and Ada's Marriage record The couple had the following children: Frederick William Barclay born 1884 Clara Barclay Born 1886 John Barclay born 1889 Annie Elizabeth Barclay born 1892 She died March 20,1902. She was supposedly the first women to be cremated in Quebec or Ontario (not sure where she died exactly) Her remains were not interred until August 10, 1929 in Prospect Cemetery in Toronto.  Adas burial record - To view, download and open with photo viewer