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Eleanor May Thornton

Eleanor May Thornton was born August 13, 1904 in Toronto Ontario. She was the daughter of Walter Thornton and Elizabeth Tye. On April 21,1925 she married John (Jack) Bai n The couple had seven children.  Frances, John, James, Robert, David and Jacqueline. The couple had a daughter in 1925 named May who died in infancy.  Jack Bain and May Thornton Bain 1962

Photos - June 2014

We recently had a family get-together for my grandmother's (Frances Bain) birthday. It turned into a bit of a Bain reunion :)

Interactive map of family homes in Toronto

June 26th Update : I have started a page for photos and documents relating to the homes our families have lived in. I have started an interactive map of where our ancestor's have lived over the years in Toronto. This is what I have so far below. I am hoping to find some photos of some of these places in Toronto archives to add to the map but if anyone has any pics of home in Toronto I would love a copy. This map will update automatically as I add to it so save the link to this post.

Death of Charles Tye

I have yet to find an "official" document confirming the death of Charles Tye. He shows up in the 1885 Toronto directory but not 1886. In the 1886 publication  The Dominion Annual Register and Review there is a reference to a bricklayer named Charles Tye being killed by a train in Oct 1885. This afternoon I was browsing old Toronto newspapers for an unrelated project and came across an Oct 12, 1885. issue of The Toronto World.( a newspaper that ran from 1880-1920). On the very first page I found a news story that I think is Charles. Charles wife Julia Higgs remarried in 1886 and was listed as a widow so I am quite sure these stories refer to our Charles Tye.